All About Me

Hi There! Thanks for checking out my notebook!

I thought I'd share a little bit about myself with you on this page. To start, my name is Nicolette and I was born in New Mexico on March 3, 1980. That makes me 21 years old! I come from a mix family background. I'm about 5 feet and 8inches. I have Brown Eyes and Dark Brown Hair. (If that isn't obvious from the pics.)

Right now, I'm attending a private college some where. (I can't tell ya exactly where cuz you might find out where I live. So let's not ask any specific questions about that. If you happen to find out. Keep it a secret!) I'm currently majoring in accounting, since i'm good with numbers and money$. Right now I'm trying to get into the business school here at our college. It's really competitive here. In class, I'm a real tease!! Outside of class, I enjoy going to the park alot.

Other Personal Stuff...

Bust-Waist-Hip Size: 36C-26-36

Favorite Song: Strange Love by Depeche Mode

Favorite Movie: Big with Tom Hanks

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Car: Honda Civic cuz it's economical! Great car that doesn't eat tons of gas!

Favorite Show: Sex in the City!

Hmm... that's all I can think of right now... Check back and I'll post more.