Extra Credit

Okay for an extra credit assignment, you must visit these links! More links will be assigned later so check back regularly!

  • Taylor's Tail - One sexy Amateur!

  • Many Cheerleaders - Lots of Cheerleaders here!

  • Strip Couch - A casting couch of hotties! Updated weekly!

  • My Naughty List - Click here to vote for me!

  • Jacy's Sweet Homepage - My web friend Jacy.

  • TracyNaked.com - Blondie

  • Stormy Wildflower - she's really into wild flowers; can you tell?

  • Regina's Fan Club - a RED hot dancer! she's on fire!

  • PleaseCum.com - MEGA SITE with Lots of girls and lots of games!!

  • Balloon Chicks - I'm featured at this site!!